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Missionaries We Support

  • Baptist Bible Translators Institute
    BBTI prepares missionaries through a nine-month linguistics training program for working in any cultural situation, whether in a foreign city like Paris, France, or a jungle situation among a pygmy tribal group in Zaire, Africa. The support sent to BBTI is used to supplement students housing & utilities.

  • Bearing Precious Seed Global
    BPSGlobal (distinct from Bearing Precious Seed) is involved in printing, translating, networking and church planting. Their goals are to increase the number of received text based translations printed globally in the best way available and to advance church planting and translating among unreached people groups.

  • Bill Green (Mexico)
    Even though we aren't the church that sent them, we think of the Greens as "our own" missionaries. They minister to the deaf people of Mexico's Yucatan peninsula.

  • Bruce Moore (Nicaragua)

  • Filomeno Kakilala (Hawaii)
    Our vision is to plant a Bible-believing church in Ewa Beach – Waipahu area. Our current focus group is the Filipino community which comprises a predominant segment of Leeward Oahu. On a larger scale, our vision is to eventually plant more churches on the island of Oahu. From there, we envision planting churches in the outer islands of Kauai, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and the Big Island of Hawaii.

  • Gallaway 1st Baptist Church

  • Jason Christiansen (Middle East)

  • John Shackelford (SFA Univ. Baptist Student Ctr.)
    The ABS is a ministry designed to be an out-stretched arm of the local church dedicated to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the campus community and to bring glory and honor to our savior Jesus Christ. It's a place where college students have the opportunities to: serve, worship, grow, develop Christian friendships and relationships, fellowship, and have fun in the Lord.

  • Justin Levine (Tibet)
    We are currently working among the Tibetan people in Boudha, Nepal (Little Tibet). Many Tibetan people have migrated from Tibet down into Nepal over the years. Because of the large Boudhanath Stupa and many surrounding Buddhist monastaries, many Tibetans live together in this general location. We are able to interact and build relationships with Tibetans on a daily basis, pointing them to Christ. Our goal is to see all of the various Tibetan groups of people learn of Jesus Christ and our desire is that they will choose to serve Him.

  • Mark Helzerman (Papua, New Guinea)

  • Melvin Morris (Venezuela)
    Melvin is pastoring a church and is training men in the village to be pastors. Sandy leads the children's Sunday School class along with doing women's ministry.

  • Phillip Crow (Evangelist)
    FOREVER HIS is a conservative, full time, gospel music, evangelistic ministry, home based out of COUNTRYSIDE BAPTIST CHURCH in Mansfield, Texas. Formed in January 1985, God gave us the name FOREVER HIS, because He wanted us to be more than just another "gospel singing group."
    Founded on the precepts of the inerrant, infallible WORD OF GOD we believe to be the KING JAMES BIBLE... our desire is to be a witnesses everywhere we go (MAT 28:19-20).

  • Stan Scroggins (Philippines)

Organizations We Support

  • Bearing Precious Seed
    We have an ongoing fund that exists to raise money for printing the Scriptures. $1000 covers the cost of paper and printing for many copies, which may be either a whole Bible or just the Gospel of John combined with Paul's Letter to the Romans. These are then shipped to missionaries all over at no charge to the missionary. We send the money as often as it is accumulated.

  • BMA Theological Seminary
    The purpose of the seminary is to provide accredited undergraduate and graduate theological education for equipping individuals for Christian service and leadership roles; to support the educational needs of the churches and agencies of the Baptist Missionary Association of America and other groups who share a like commitment to the authority of Scripture; and to serve as a resource center for critical thought and research in a context which nurtures the historical, doctrinal character of the churches.

  • H.O.P.E. - Helping Others Pursue Enrichment
    The mission of the H.O.P.E. organization is to provide emergency assistance to the indigent and to give them the tools and resources that promote self-sufficiency by pooling resources that provide assistance through a networking system designed to prevent duplication of services.

  • KBJS - 90.3 FM
    Keep Believing Jesus Saves - KBJS is a listener supported Christian radio station providing God’s word to the community. Your support keeps them on the air providing love, hope and encouragement to all who listen. Christian radio station.

  • Preborn, Inc.
    We exist to glorify Jesus Christ by equipping pregnancy centers to save more babies and souls.


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